Foreign currency accounts

As part of your personal account, you can open an account in 15 currencies. Customers can open a currency account on their own, at Citibank® Online or Citi Mobile® App.

Foreign exchange on your terms

Set your own target FX rate and exchange date and we ensure your funds will be converted the moment your target is achieved. Check foreign currency rates on-line on your computer or smartphone – via Citi Mobile

Live FX rates

For converting amounts of a minimum of $10,000, you can use the live exchange rates updated according to market rates.

Negotiable FX rates

You can negotiate the exchange rates for amounts of a minimum of USD 20,000. Negotiating FX rates is possible only via Citiphone or with your Citi Priority Personal Banker.

Foreign mutual funds

With Citi Handlowy you have access to one of the largest foreign mutual fund offers. Moreover, thanks to our investment advisory service you get professional support in making your strategic investment decisions.

Dual Currency investments

Explore effective investment opportunities on the foreign stock markets with our Dual Currency Investments. Login to Citibank Online to learn more!


Citi Handlowy offers government and corporate bonds in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, HRK, HUF, NOK, RUB, SEK, ZAR. denominowane USD, EUR, GBP i CHF.

Structured products

Citi Handlowy offers a wide range of monthly subscription products that are combined with capital stock, corporates and exchange rates for a variety of risk appetites.

Personal accounts

Choose the account that matches your needs

Compare our accunts and see which credit card matches your needs best.

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