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Insurance policy covers as many as nine common serious illnesses, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, surgical treatment of coronary heart disease, kidney failure, organ transplantation (e.g. kidney, liver), loss of speech, sight and hearing.
Fixed premium for five years.
Quick and easy way of making a claim – online at
If you are diagnosed with a serious illness covered by the insurance policy, we will pay out up to PLN 100,000.
Premiums may be automatically charged to your credit card account.
Minimum formalities, insurance cover available without medical checks, policy sent by the Insurer to the designated address.
An insurance contract is concluded for a five-year insurance period and may be renewed for any number of five-year insurance periods, provided that the policyholder is under 55 years of age on the renewal date.
The Insurer's liability begins on the date specified in the policy as the beginning of the insurance period.
Insurance cover is limited for a period of 90 days after commencement of WARTA’s liability. During such period, WARTA covers only the following serious illnesses: loss of speech, loss of sight and loss of hearing, caused by accident.
A policy confirming the conclusion of the insurance contract is delivered by letter to the designated address. Such document contains all relevant details, such as the date of the insurance contract, policy number, sum insured and premium.
You may, at any time, make a request for a duplicate policy, e.g. by calling WARTA hotline at 502 308 308 (call cost as per the operator's tariff).
During the term of the insurance contract you may specify the entitled person to whom a benefit is to be paid in case of the insured’s death; a relevant form is available at or on the Bank's websites.
Upon occurrence of an insured event, you should submit an application for benefit payment. A relevant form is available at or on the Bank's websites.

Important Information

  • "WARTA Twoje Zdrowie" is an individual life insurance offered by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie WARTA S.A.
  • For detailed product information, including a full list of exclusions of the insurer’s liability, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of “WARTA Twoje Zdrowie” Insurance available at and at
  • The Bank acts as an insurance agent providing intermediary services to Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie “WARTA” S.A., and is entered in the register of insurance agents kept by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Clients may verify the Bank’s entry in the register by submitting a relevant application to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, in writing or by phone. The Bank acts for the benefit of multiple Insurers; Clients may ask the Bank for more details.
  • Mellon Poland Sp. z o.o., an insurance agent, which performs activities associated with offering insurance to the Bank's Clients who have agreed to be presented with the offer, and with entering into “WARTA Twoje Zdrowie” insurance contracts, is also involved in the sales process.
  • In the process of selling and servicing insurance policies, the Bank follows the rules set out in the “Recommendation for good practices in the Polish bancassurance market for protective insurance policies sold in connection with bank products,” as published by the Polish Bank Association in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Insurance.
  • This document does not contain full information and does not constitute an offer defined in Article 66 of the Civil Code.

Important informations

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