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Top class account

Citigold account is a banking proposition for those who look for tailored solutions and superior customer service. If you maintain a monthly balance of a minimum of PLN 300,000 across your all accounts kept with us you will get access to unique product offer.


Free of charge personal account maintenance

Citigold is a prestigious current account where nearly all transactions (including domestic and global funds transfers, ATM cash withdrawals, standing orders and direct debits) are made free of charge online, in branch or via CitiPhone.



Truly priority customer service

As a Citigold client, you have a unique benefit of using a dedicated CitiPhone Gold service and priority customer service in branches, including the possibility to enjoy priority parking slots reserved for Citigold clients in selected branch locations.



Unique currency solutions

Citigold clients have access to modern currency solutions, including attractive currency exchange rates and Dual-Currency Investments available via Citibank Online. Any time, you can also consult a Financial Market Expert available in our branches.



Free Investment Advisory

Our Investment Advisory helps you build your investment portfolio matched to market situation as well as:

  • your individual financial needs,
  • your risk tolerance,
  • investment horizon,
  • recommended currency.
  • risk


Structured Products

Investment products that let you get a high return on investment linked to the performance of specific market indices (e.g. stock prices…) in return for accepting a specific level of investment risk.



Free access to executive lounges

If you are a Citigold client with the Benefits and Privileges Card you get free of charge access to executive lounges at Poland’s largest airports (Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław) twice per month or once if you are with a companion.



Global financial solutions

As a Citigold client, you get a unique access to convenient solutions that will make your travel a worry-free experience

  • Payments abroad with no currency conversion costs - you simply need to link your debit card to your eligible EUR, GBP or USD account (applies also to ATM cash withdrawals overseas);
  • Citibank Global Transfers -
    free of charge and instant transfers between Citi Handlowy account in Poland and Citi accounts overseas;
  • Emergency Cash -
    emergency cash withdrawals in Citi branches around the world in case your debit card is lost or stolen.


Banking products on preferential terms

Citigold clients get access to selected banking products on preferential terms - unique credit card proposition, mortgage loan or business account with free funds transfers.



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The Investment Advisory, Structured Products and Dual Currency Investments are provided by the Bank only to those individuals who have entered into separate agreements for such services. The Investment Advisory service is provided by the bank only to units and shares in open investment funds for which the bank provides services regarding the acceptance of and passing on orders for purchase or sale (excluding the Regular Investment Plans and the Individual Pension Account). Insurance and investment products offered by the Bank are not guaranteed by the State Treasury, the Bank Guarantee Fund (except for amounts receivable from Bank securities and dual currency investments covered by the statutory guarantee system pursuant to the Bank Guarantee Fund Act of December 14, 1994), nor by any other governmental institutions. Investment products and investment-linked insurance products carry investment risk, including the possibility of loss of the invested capital. The past performance of investment funds, investment portfolios and the levels of stock market indices and foreign exchange rates as well as insurance capital funds, which affect returns on investment, are no guarantee of their future profits. Insurance and investment products are not a deposit, an obligation of and are not guaranteed/ underwritten by the Bank, nor by any of the subsidiaries or affiliates of Citigroup, except for those investment products that are issued or guaranteed/ underwritten by the Bank or a subsidiary or an affiliate of Citigroup. For investment products, capital protection and/or an interest guarantee scheme, if applicable, is the responsibility of the issuer of a given investment product. The investment products are available only to the Citibank account holders and are not available to the U.S. citizens. The Dual Currency investment carries currency risk that results from the currency fluctuations. There is a risk that when exchanging your Investment Amount a currency exchange rate applied will be worse than the market rate and you will obtain the amount that will be lower than the Investment Amount. The bank does not provide the legal or tax advisory for its clients