We have implemented very high security standards to ensure our Clients are always safe when using CitiDirect, CitiDirect Mobile and CitiDirect BE Tablet.

However, please remember that the security of your funds also depends on your actions.

We recommend that you adhere to the security rules described on this page and use CitiDirect in accordance with the technical requirements.

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Cybersecurity - what should we pay special attention to now?

Work during COVID-19 is often remote, surrounded by family, using mobile devices and home appliances. Such a change in habits and current work standards creates temptation for hackers who may try to exploit our lack of attention or caution.

That is why we draw your attention to two important areas of cyber security:

Securing Your Home
Network Guide >>

Checklist to Secure
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Time Critical Procurement
Due Diligence Checklist >>

Case Study >>

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