EU Funds

EU Funds

EU Funds

Proposal for companies and local governments

EU Funds

Proposal for companies and local governments

The EU multiannual financial framework not only mounts new challenges to Polish companies and local governments, but also, and first of all, offers them new opportunities. Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., operating under the Citi Handlowy brand, has prepared a special EU advisory package to help your company get access to EU subventions in a simple manner.

EUROPRODUCTS for companies that want to use EU subventions:

EU advisory service
  • specialists from the EU Unit of Citi Handlowy will provide necessary information and assistance to:
    • prepare a list of available sources of EU co-financing for a planned project.

      The price of the following advisory services depends on the project type and budget and on the requirements formulated by particular Implementing Authorities:

    • preparation of the application documentation together with required attachments: business plan, feasibility study, sector analyses, financial and cash flow analyses and required expert opinions
    • project monitoring
    • project settlement
Dedicated credit program
  • prepared for investments co-financed by the EU to help implement EU-co-financed projects – the type and conditions of a loan are negotiated with the Client on a case by case basis
  • EU loan commitment is a document that confirms BHW’s irrevocable readiness to grant a loan for implementation of an investment project on the terms and conditions specified in its contents
A loan for technological innovations
As of 3 November 2015, Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A. began cooperation with Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego to implement the Activity effected under Intelligent Development Operational Programme (Program Operacyjny Inteligentny Rozwój – POIR) concerning granting a loan for technological innovations, which is designated to finance innovative ventures pursued by small and medium enterprises (SME):
  • the objective of the Activity is to support investments implementing new technologies through offering a loan and grants from Technology Loan Fund to SME
  • an entrepreneur will be supported in the form of the above grant (the so–called technology bonus) granted in the amount of maximum PLN 6 million by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and allocated towards the repayment of a part of the principal of the loan extended by Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
  • documents necessary to apply for the grant along with instructions are available at:

Are you interested in our offer?

Detailed information can be obtained from:

Marcin Fabisiewicz
+48 (22) 657 73 93

The cost of the call depends on your local service provider.


The EU advice package offered by Citi Handlowy is an effective way to obtain EU subventions as it offers your company:

  • possibility to make good use of development opportunities provided to your company by the European Union and to compete in international markets
  • opportunity to use professional advisory services provided by our EU Unit
  • savings of your employees’ time
  • access to practical knowledge of EU-related issues*
  • support by product- and sector-oriented teams and specialists of our Bank in the area of regional development
  • assurance that the EU funds will be used as intended and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations*
  • possibility to use various EU programs and other co-financing schemes*

* Our advisors from the EU Unit will always provide you with necessary information on risks involved in the process of application for EU funding.

Additional information

The functionality of a product, the product-related requirements and the terms and conditions of its use, as well as the risk connected with the product, are presented in detail in direct contact with clients showing interest in the product.