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Citi Specials Restaurant Program

Enjoy unforgettable culinary experiences with your card! Already more than 300 restaurants and cafés across Poland offer discounts starting from 10% with Citi Handlowy card.

The Restaurant Program, which is part of the Citi Specials Benefit Program, is one of the oldest projects of its kind in the Polish market. The places we recommend to our Clients under the Restaurant Program offer excellent flavors and a remarkable atmosphere. We would like to invite you to the best places – carefully selected restaurants and cafés in Poland, where our clients can take advantage of special privileges, and where they can feel special.

How to get the discount?

Embark on a culinary journey of flavors:

  • Find a restaurant or café you would like to visit and take your Citi card with you.
  • When asking for the bill, tell your waiter/waitress you would like to take advantage of the discount available to Citi Clients.
  • Pay with your Citi Handlowy card and that’s it! Enjoy the discount with your card.
  • Places which participate in the program have a relevant sticker on the window or the main door.

You’re welcome to join!

Dla Restauratorów – Spodobał Ci się nasz Program i chcesz zostać Partnerem?

Napisz do nas na adres: Monika.Pieczonka@citi.com lub joanna.grabowska@citi.com i dowiedz się więcej.

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Take advantage of discounts up to 15% in over 100 best Polish restaurants and more.

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