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Visa Business Debit Card

Visa Business Debit Card

Flexible and safe payments for business expenses

Visa Business Debit Card

Flexible and safe payments for business expenses

Flexible and safe payments for business expenses

Visa Business Debit Cards are Visa payment cards used to cover business expenses incurred by employees in connection, for example, with business trips in Poland and abroad, entertainment, general business expenses (e.g. restaurants, fuel, stationary, etc.). With their Visa Business Debit Cards, employees may make credit and online transactions. In addition, they may withdraw cash from ATMs and at points of sale via Visa Cash Back. Visa Business Debit Card is equipped with a microprocessor (chip) to enhance their security level.

The most important features of Visa Business Debit Cards

Rich insurance package

The Bank offers a broad range of free insurance products to users of Visa Business Debit Cards while on a foreign business trip:

  • Insurance package for Cardholders:
    • arrival delay
    • delayed baggage
    • replacement of documents
    • legal costs
  • Insurance packages for the Company:
    • liability waiver insurance


Details are available in section describing the system capabilities

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Visa Business Debit Cards - advantages:

  • Safe and easy access to funds
  • No cash advances and limited cash servicing costs
  • Monitoring and control of ongoing employee expenses on the basis of electronic reports
  • Possibility to define different card limits and benefits for Cardholders
  • Automated accounting of expenses
  • Corporate Card Services accessible by telephone and e-mail – details on Client Zone
  • Broad range of insurance products
  • Reduced operating expenses of the Company due to discounts earned when paying by Visa Business Debit Cards in hotels and restaurants cooperating with the Bank throughout Poland
  • Option to attach Visa Business Debit Cards to PLN, EUR or USD accounts

Additional information

How to start cooperation:
Debit Cards may be used after signing the “Agreement for issuance of Visa Business Debit Cards and for processing of operations made with the use of such Cards”.