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Visa Business Card repaid individually

Visa Business Card repaid individually

Flexible management of employees’ business expenses

Visa Business Card repaid individually

Flexible management of employees’ business expenses

Visa Business Cards repaid individually, with an extended 30-day payment date, are payment cards used to cover business expenses incurred by employees. It is possible to arrange that the employee will be first obliged to repay liabilities. Cardholders may both pay for purchases and withdraw cash at all outlets accepting Visa cards, both in Poland and abroad. In addition to payments for business expenses, Visa Business Cards repaid indivisually provide their Holders with multiple benefits and options useful while traveling and offering assistance in case of illness, accident or other emergency situations. The scope of additional benefits and services depends on the card type. Cards are available in three variants: Gold, Silver and Blue.

The most important features of Visa Business Card repaid individually

Flexible settlements between the Company and the Bank
  • These cards have a monthly settlement cycle with an additional 30-day time limit for repayment of the statement. If the debt on a card is not paid by due date, the card will be frozen and unfrozen after the debt is repaid.
  • The Bank has introduced Direct Debit attached to Visa Business Cards repaid individually. This new functionality is to improve the repayment of card debt by the employee and to ensure the debt is paid when due. This solution is also beneficial to the Company because of the simple initiation process, faster settlement of debt on employee cards and elimination of recourse to the Company in case of non-payment.
Rich insurance package
  • Insurance package for Cardholders: the Bank offers a broad range of free insurance products to Holders of Business Cards while on a foreign business trip which cover:
    • arrival delay
    • delayed baggage
    • document replacement
    • legal costs
    • accidents (Gold and Silver cards).
  • Insurance package for Companies:
    • liability waiver insurance which covers unauthorized use by employees of Visa Business Cards repaid individually
Electronic reports
  • Expenses paid by card can be monitored on an ongoing basis or at defined intervals
  • Business expenses paid by card are recorded automatically on cost accounts
  • Card spending data is saved for further reference
Additional advantages of Visa Business Cards repaid individually
  • Card limit can be changed by telephone or e-mail
  • Assistance if a card is lost – a fast freeze of the card
  • Emergency delivery of a replacement card if the regular card is lost
  • Medical aid
  • Discounts for Holders of Visa Business Cards in Citi Specials program
  • Option to order a card with an individualized and unique design

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Visa Business Cards repaid automatically - advantages:

  • Safe and easy access to funds
  • Employee’s obligation to repay any operations paid by card
  • No cash advances and limited cash servicing costs
  • Reduced operating expenses of the Company – the Citi Specials program enables its employees to earn discounts when paying by Visa Business Cards in hotels and restaurants cooperating with the Bank throughout Poland
  • Easy monitoring of business expenses and improvement of their efficiency
  • Corporate Card Services accessible by telephone and e-mail – details on Client Zone
  • Streamlined business expense settlement and accounting process
  • Rich insurance package
  • Medical aid
  • Electronic statements (PDFs, Excel and CSV)
  • Option to initiate automatic repayment by Direct Debit